Warship Flag Badge

'Trageflagge der Kriegsschiff'

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A very attractive badge from the 'Flags and Banners' (Fahnen und Standarten) series sold during the Reich in the Day of the Wehrmacht (Reichsstraßensammlung zum Tag der Wehrmacht) on 16th - 17th March 1940. The badges were sold by members of the NSKOV (Nationalsozialistische Kriegsopferversorgung), DRK (Deutsches Rotes Keuze), NSRKB (Nationalsozialistischer Reichskriegerbund) and RTB (Reichstreubund ehemaliger Berufssoldaten).

The badges were sold in both a plastic series and a card series and consisted of 20 badges. This plastic badge is in very good condition with pin attachment on the reverse.