Franco Prussian War Civilian Medal

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A nice Franco Prussian War Civilian Medal in civilian issue - it's in nice condition but sadly missing the original ribbon.

The War Commemorative Medal of 1870/71 (German: Kriegsdenkmünze für die Feldzüge 1870–71) is a campagian medal presented by Kaiser William I in his capacity as King of Prussia. The medal was presented to commemorate service in the Franco Prussian War. The medal was presented to members of the united German armies. The medal was presented for combat service in bronze, and non-combat service in steel. Each version bore minor differences in inscription and design. Clasps were authorized on the 25th anniversary of the German victory, to commemorate selected battles.

The medal for non-combatants is made of steel. It follows a similar design with only minor deviations. The center inscription on the obverse is Für Pflichttreue im Kriege (For devotion to duty in the war). On the reverse the wreath on the cross is of oak leaves.