Legion of Honour Medal

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Very nice German Legion of Honour medal with ribbon device. The medal is in good condition with original ribbon and device.

German Honorary World War Commemorative Medal of the German Legion of Honour. (Deutsche Ehrendenkmünze des Weltkrieges der Deutschen Ehrenlegion) is awarded by the "Council of the Order" of the Union of Nationalist Soldiers to men or women who, during the 1st WW and after dutifully served the Fatherland. This bronze medal, either gilded or coppered. Noteworthy is the portayal of the winged Victory crowning a German soldier on the obverse. The reverse shows the Iron Cross 1st Class with oak leaves around the lower rim of the medal. Along the upper edge of the medal is the text "FÜRS VATERLAND" (For the Fatherland) in Gothic lettering. The ribbon is formed with the then German national colours. For frontline troops a combat emblem was created for attachment to the ribbon : a gilt oak leaf wreath with a sword across. This medal was first proposed in the autumn of 1917 but it took till 1921 before the "Council of the Order", which was to effect the actual awarding, was formed. Recipients had to pay for their medal themselves and could, if they so wished, be entered in the German Legion of Honour. This organization was divided in "Ritterschaften" (knight groups) and its members could call themselves "Ritter der Deutschen Ehrenlegion" (Knight of the German Legion of Honour). Early in the Nazi era, by a decree of 15 May 1934, awards like these were forbidden and the German Legion of Honour joined the Kyffhäuser-Bund (the official veterans' organization) soon after.