FJ Iron Cross of Merit Medal

'Eisernes Verdienstkreuz'

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A very nice WW1 Austro-Hungarian Franz Joseph 1916 Iron Cross of Merit medal - in nice condition with ribbon.

Iron Cross of Merit (Eisernes Verdienstkreuz), 1916 - Iron cross pattée alisée with laterally pierced ball suspension; the face with a circular central medallion bearing the initials ‘FJ’ (for Emperor Franz Joseph I, 1848-1916) encircled by a ring bearing the inscription ‘VIRIBUS UNITIS’ (strength through unity); the reverse with a circular central medallion bearing the date 1916 within a circular ring with a stylised laurel wreath; some oxidisation spots; on original triangular ribbon with a small central hole. The cross was instituted on 1 April 1916 in two grades – Iron with and without Crown – as a need had been perceived for a grade below the existing Gold and Silver to reward the many people of lower ranks performing exceptional acts and services, especially in the support and auxiliary services.